Expert Hair Color Services for Parrish

At Salon 301 LLC, we specialize in providing our valued Parrish clients with professional, high quality hair coloring services. At Salon 301 LLC, we know that choosing the right hair color can be daunting. Hair color can be high maintenance, depending on what you get. Therefore, it is important to factor how much time and money you are willing to budget for the right hair color. Below, we will outline some different hair colors and their maintenance level so as to help you determine which hair color is right for you and your lifestyle.

Blonde Hair Color Service

Blonde hair is a classic color that can be high maintenance at times. For a natural look, our hair colorists always recommend to our Parrish customers to do a full or partial head of highlights. Investing in highlights is well worth it. It may cost a little more up front than an all over bleach, but it pays in that highlights can be applied in a way that they blend with your natural root color, so it makes growing out your hair more forgiving and allows you to go longer between touch-ups.

Conversely, an all over bleach job is a gorgeous, striking statement, but is more high maintenance in that when it as it grows out, the roots are more stark and noticeable, forcing you to get touch ups more often. So, while both looks are beautiful and stylish, it is important to determine how much maintenance you are willing to invest in your look when determining which type of blonde style to choose.

Brown Hair Color Service

Brown hair is a very versatile. Both highlights and lowlights can be blended in easily with brown hair colors, resulting in a deeper, multi-dimensional look that catches the light. There are many shades of brown to choose from, ranging from deep dark chocolate brown to a reddish auburn hue or chestnut. Our hair color experts will help you choose the right shade for our Parrish clients!

Red Hair Color Service

A gorgeous head of flaming red hair is a real head turner. At our salon, we have lots of red colors for our Parrish clients to choose from. From a striking fire hydrant red to a strawberry tinged blonde, we’ve got you covered. Red has a tendency to fade fast, so consider investing in a dry shampoo to keep from washing it too often. If you wash too often, you may risk dulling the vibrancy of your gorgeous red color, so consider how often you wash your hair to determine if red is right for you.

Black Hair Color Service

There’s something timeless and mysterious about a deeply rich black hair color. Many of Hollywood’s silver screen vixens had raven black hair, adding to their sublime mystique. Black hair can really do a number on your locks when it comes to drying them out, that is why we always recommend to maintain the health of your hair by reducing heat styling and keeping up on your moisture treatments. If you’ve got those down, your shiny black ‘do will be the talk of the town!